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2 New Books on Vedic Math by Current Shankaracharya

25 August, 2007

We feel very delighted to inform that His Holiness Jagadguru Shankaracharya Swami Nishchalananda Saraswati ji of Govardhan Matha,Puri the Birth place of Vedic Mathematics has recently completed writing and published 2 New Books on Vedic Mathematics, carrying forward the tradition of the 143 rd Shankaracharya of Puri Math Sri Bharati Krishna Teertha Maharaja who is regarded as the Father of Vedic Mathematics. Its a great boon to the field of Science and Mathematics.

The books are in a language mix of Hindi and Pure Sanskrit and are called Ganita Chintamani and Part I of Vedikarsh Ganita.

We have stated earlier on our website that :
Swamiji will reconstruct the lost volumes of the Vedic Math Texts written by Bharati Krishnaji in two years after his lengthy and painstaking research on the subject and plans to name it ‘Vedikarsh Ganita'.

In Part I of Vedikarsh Ganita he has expounded one of the Vedic Sutras. However the meaning of the sutra,he has explained it in philosophical terms rather than in the mathematical terms. We seek to get further understanding of the Sutra through this new book.

In this regard we would like to state that the research on Vedic Math is ongoing under the leadership of His Holiness at the Govardhan Matha.

From our website:-

His Holiness is an eminent Mathematician and a scholar. He has authored the books on the basis of Vedic mathematics and has devoted all his books to the Late Bharti Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja.

Ankapadiyam: - This book launched in 2006 has recently become the focus of attraction of some eminent mathematicians from across the globe. Another name for this text is also Sutra Ganit (Sutra = Word Formula, Ganit = Mathematics).

In this the philosophical base is given as to why number counting should begin from 0 and not 1. In this text it has been highlighted that in the Vedic literature and scriptures zero was an important concept and attribute. The book has tried to make the readers understand Mathematics from the philosophical point of view. It states Zero is a Place above One. It makes us understand that it is zero which is the mother of all numbers. The Books shows patterns which emerge if you start the number counting from zero.

He has given 18 sutras to understand this and has given all the sources so that there is no controversy regarding the claim.

His Holiness states that to understand this book you need knowledge of Hindi Grammar (Since the book is in Hindi and not English) and of course Mathematics.

Swastika Ganit :- The swastika (from Sanskrit meaning "good fortune" or "well-being") is an equilateral cross with its arms bent at right angles in either left-facing or right-facing direction. The swastika is a sacred symbol in Hinduism , Buddhism , Jainism and Odinism . The Hindu version is often decorated with a dot in each quadrant .

In this work His Holiness has given such principles which will help us to understand the system of Vedic Maths. The symbol of Swastika can be written to write the numerals from 1-10 and also be used to add, subtract, multiply and divide. This book is in its second edition now and it continues to astonish its readers.

Ganita Darshan:- In this spiritual text His Holiness has shown that like other fields, Mathematics can be a path to salvation of the soul.

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