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21 August, 2014

Speed Maths Challenge Cape Town 2014

After months of preparation and anticipation, our big day had arrived – the first Speed Maths Challenge hosted by Vedic Maths Forum South Africa - the venue, Turfhall Primary School in Penlyn Estate, Cape Town – date, 2nd August 2014.

There was much excitement, some nerves and loads of enthusiasm on the part of learners, parents, teachers and even us, the organisers. Some learners were waiting at the hall a whole hour before the event! All 5 schools - Turfhall Primary, Rylands Primary, Starling Primary, Habibia Primary and Regina Coeli Primary – were represented with their friends, family and teachers giving support.

We began with a briefing session for the participants where Mrs Darshana Rama laid out the ground rules and helped settle some of the anxiety. The competition consisted of 4 rounds of questions. In rounds 1, 2 and 3, all teams were given 5 minutes to complete Maths sums and puzzles. In the last round, they were quizzed on the History of Maths in Africa and Traditional African boardgames.

After a short welcome, the Grade 4 learners (5 teams of 3 learners) began their session.  The winning school for the Grade 4 category was Habibia Primary School with 2nd place going to Rylands Primary School.

Grade 4 learners

Mr H.A. Allie: Principal Regina Coeli Primary School
Next on the programme was an inspirational talk delivered by Mr H.A. Allie, the principal of Regina Coeli Primary School. He shared with us, based on his experience, how we can affect change by changing our own mindset and thoughts. We, as parents and teachers must be aware that we are the role models for this generation and should act and speak accordingly.

The Grade 5 teams competed in the next category. Some of the teams worked so quickly that it was a challenge for us to keep up with collecting answer sheets, checking the answers and working out the scores! The winners in this category were again Habibia Primary School and in 2nd place, Rylands Primary School.

Grade 5 learners

Following this was a short presentation on the Virtual Classroom and its benefits for students by Mrs Neshni Naidoo.

The last category was for the Grade 6 learners. The winners were Turfhall Primary School (an all girl team) with Habibia Primary School in 2nd place.

We then shared the video ‘The Magic of Vedic Maths” by Gaurav Tekriwal which had everyone glued to their seats!

This was followed by the presentation of Certificates and Prizes to the participants and winning teams by Mrs Anusha Naidoo from the Western Cape Education Department (WCED).
Grade 4 wnners: Habibia Primary School
Grade 5 winners: Habibia Primary School

Grade 6 winners: Turfhall Primary School

After the initial nerves wore off, we could see that the learners were enjoying the experience. The learners loved the Maths puzzles and were very quick in the History of Maths Quiz. They are already looking forward to next year's competition!

Parents and teachers welcomed this Challenge and saw it as an enriching experience for the children. This will most probably become an annual event with more schools participating in future competitions.

The event was covered by Cape Town TV ( a local television channel.  We were in CTV’s studio on 5 August for an interview, which was broadcast on 12th August.  A recording of the interview will be uploaded in the next week.

Looking forward to Speed Maths Challenge 2015!

Pics: Speed Maths Challenge, Cape Town 2014

The Vedic Maths Forum South Africa organized the First Speed Maths Challenge in August 2014. Here are some pictures from the grand event!

Fields Medal winner Manjul Bhargava's 3 ideas to overcome fear of maths

Manjul Bhargava

 Heartiest Congratulations to Manjul Bhargava for the coveted Field's Medal in Mathematics.

Manjul Bhargava, the first Indian-origin mathematician to win the coveted Fields Medal, says the inspiration behind his discoveries in number theory has been the classic works of ancient Indian mathematicians.

"Their works contain incredible mathematical discoveries, and were very inspirational to me as a young mathematician. The classic works of Pingala, Hemachandra, and Brahmagupta have been particularly influential in my own work," the 40-year-old Princeton University professor told in a detailed email interview. 

In the interview, he also goes on the explain how the ancients derived elegant mathematical patterns from rhythms of Sanskrit poetry and how he managed to simplify and expand the work of 18th century German maths legend Carl Friedrich Gauss with the help of Hemchandra's Identity and a simple Rubik's Mini-Cube.

Bhargava also offers three suggestions to teachers and students in India to make maths learning fun.

Manjul Bhargava receives the Fields Medal at the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) in Seoul.

Go to India-Today for the full interview transcript of Manjul Bhargava.

19 August, 2014

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18 July, 2014

Speed Math Challenge South Africa 2014

Enthusiasm = Math Challenge2

This is certainly what we experienced at the schools participating in the first Speed Math Challenge being hosted by Vedic Maths Forum South Africa.

The initiative started in March this year where five schools in Cape Town: Rylands Primary, Starling Primary, Habibia Primary, Regina Coeli and Turfhall Primary agreed to participate in the Speed Math Challenge. We then conducted workshops for the Grade 4’s, 5’s and 6’s where they were taught some High Speed Vedic Maths methods for addition, subtraction and multiplication. Each child then completed a written test and the top 9 scorers in each Grade identified.

The next phase was a Knock-Out Round at each school to choose 1 team of 3 learners in each Grade to represent their school. This was conducted from 17 – 24 June. There was excitement, tension and some nerves as the learners raced against the clock to complete calculations and Maths puzzles.

We were taken aback at the warm welcome from the schools and learners. At each school, we learnt something new that will help us on this mission of spreading the love of Maths.

The final will take place on Saturday, 2 August at Turfhall Primary School in Cape Town, where 3 teams from each of the schools will compete against each other to see who is the best at Speed Maths.

Here are some of the photographs taken during the Knock-Out Rounds at the schools.

Habibia Primary School:

Warm welcome

Mandalas- Geometry and Art - Grade 5

Mandalas- Geometry and Art - Grade 5

"We are ready to begin."

Our panel: timekeeper and scorer

Our audience - can they work it out?

Grade 6 Teams

Regina Coeli Primary:

Explaining the rules

Ready, Set, GO!


"I know the answer."

Practice makes perfect.

"I don't get this."

"We're almost out of time!"

Team Challenge

Starling Primary School:

"This is easy!"

"This is how you do it."

The only team to complete the Sudoku Challenge - WELL DONE!

Grade 6 Teams

Rylands Primary School:

"Grade 4's - are you ready?"

"This is what you need to do."

"Oh the PRESSURE!"

Team Spirit

"I can explain the pattern!"

Grade 5 Teams

On 2 August, all five schools will compete in the Final Challenge.

12 July, 2014

Event: "Brain Matters"

Add caption
'Brain Matters',A Workshop on Mental Math from India is being conducted at Pleasanton Senior Center,California, United States on 18th July 2014.

The workshop will be conducted by Mrs.Naik, Director, Vedic Maths Forum United States.