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Salutations to our Gurus on Guru Poornima

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News from Bangalore

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Shri V.G.Unkalkar at the Vedic Maths Workshop
Sahyadri Kannada Sangha from Kaiga Nuclear Power Corporation, India ltd., Karnataka organized a 2 day workshop on Vedic Mathematics on 11 &12 July 2015.

The workshop was conducted by Shri V. G. Unkalkar, author of many books on Vedic Mathematics. The gathering comprised of about 100 participants including high school & college students , teachers, & employees of that area. It was appreciated by one & all. Shri V.G.Unkalkar was felicitated by Sahyadri Kannada Sangha after the workshop.

Principal  K. Sharma, Sangha president Amol Revankar, v.p. Jeetendrakumar, Mahantesh Oshimath,& all members of sangha made efforts to make the Vedic Mathematics workshop a grand success. 

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi invites inputs on Maths

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Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has invited suggestions as below on his Twitter Account.

So now is the time to show some love to Vedic Maths people! Please share your inputs on the above links.

The Vedic Maths Forum India Team.

Speed Maths Challenge 2015 (Cape Town, 1 August 2015)

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How can we change Maths from being described as boring, tedious and difficult to fun, creative and exciting? One way is to show learners simpler, alternate ways of doing Maths, turning the lesson into a game. This is the objective of the Speed Maths Challenge initiated by Vedic Maths Forum SA (VMFSA) in 2014.

VMFSA provides School Maths tutoring to learners in Grade 4 to 12 and offers courses in Vedic Maths (a Mental Maths programme) via an online platform. We wanted to take this a step further though - to reach more learners and teachers and demonstrate to them that Maths can be fun. This is how the Speed Maths Challenge was born – a Quiz competition that tests learners’ knowledge and application of Mental Maths through Maths Puzzles and speed challenges.

Over the last 6 months, we have worked with Grade 4, 5, and 6 learners in 4 schools – Habibia Primary, Rylands Primary, Surrey Primary and Vanguard Primary. The learners were taught a few Vedic Maths techniques and given the opportunity to work through Maths puzzles. This was done through workshops with learners, self-study notes and a Vedic Maths Club. The Vedic Maths Club is an extra-mural activity run at Rylands Primary and Vanguard Primary and facilitated by teachers with guidance and support from VMFSA.

On the 1st August 2015, 3 teams from each of these 4 schools will compete against each other in 3 categories (Grade 4, 5 and 6) in Speed Maths Challenge 2015. The event is being held at Rylands Primary School in Rylands, Cape Town from 9:30am to 12:30pm.

Based on our experience from 2014, we have seen that this type of competition not only enhances Mental Maths ability, but encourages teamwork, builds confidence, increases concentration and develops logic and strategic thinking skills.

Feedback received from the schools that participated last year, demonstrates that a competition such as this one, can be an intrinsic motivator and encourage learners to try harder and challenge themselves.

"Learners were very thrilled with the methods taught - especially once they mastered it.

The learners definitely benefited from the methods. It made them aware that there is more than one way to solve problems.

As for the competition learners were very excited and eager to participate. It also gave them a chance to test their newly acquired skills against other learners. Many of them also came to me and mentioned that if they had put in more effort they would have been able to do even better - which is good. They realise if they work hard they will more be successful."

Rylands Primary School – Mr M.S. Hendricks

Our vision is to take this competition to more schools next year and use this as a tool to create a more positive perception of Maths in the minds of our learners and teachers.


Grand Launch of Vedic Maths Forum Mumbai Chapter in association with Fun Gurukool

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With Mrs.Shah, Director VMFI Mumbai Chapter

It is my pleasure to announce the Grand Launch of our Mumbai Chapter in Kandivali in association with Fun Gurukool,Mumbai.

All our Vedic Maths online and offline programs are offered for Teachers, Students and Math Enthusiasts.

We wish Mrs.Shah, the Proprietor of Fun Gurukool and the Director of VMFI, Mumbai Chapter, the very best in future endeavors.

Vedic Maths discussed with HRD Minister Smriti Irani

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NEW DELHI:  Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani is understood to have held deliberations with functionaries of some RSS-affiliated education bodies today as her ministry is in the midst of drafting a new education policy.

Sources said inputs were shared during the deliberation regarding the new education policy and about giving thrust to a revamped education system which instills nationalism, pride and ancient Indian values in modern education.

The interaction came ahead of RSS' three-day annual meeting in Nainital next week.

The meeting also assumes significance as education bodies have come out with resolutions in recent past supporting the promotion of Sanskrit and vedic values in course curriculum.

The Bhartiya Shikshan Mandal, an RSS body, had in a draft outline on education last week had recommended that from classes 9 to 12, students should be taught mother tongue and a classical language which could be Sanskrit or other languages like Arabic, Persian, Latin or Greek etc.

The draft titled 'Bhartiya Education Outline' also suggests that after eight years of primary education, student will have to "compulsorily" study one economic activity based subject for the next four years.

In June, the Dinanath Batra-headed Shiksha Sanskriti Utthan Nyas had proposed introduction of vedic maths in schools across the country and sought effective implementation of the three-language formula in all states.

It had favoured incorporating vedic maths along with regular mathematic courses in classes so as to improve the level of "competency" among students in the subject.

"We have prepared a syllabus on vedic maths and have reached out to a few private schools across the country including a school in Delhi to impart it in classes," the body's secretary Atul Kothari had said.

Meanwhile, slamming the current education system in the country for lacking "Indianness", joint general secretary of RSS Krishna Gopal had said an education system should be such which connects students with their roots, their culture and provides an spiritual integration.

The new national education policy, the consultation of which started in January this year, could be ready for consideration by the end of this year.

The thrust of the Ministry is to reach out to all the stakeholders at the grassroot level to seek their views and suggestions during the consultation stage.


TIME 2015 by IIT Bombay

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TIME 2015,  IIT Bombay's biennial conference on math education:Technology & Innovations in Math Education" is scheduled from December 4-7, 2015 at VPCOE, Baramati (Pune).

You can make a presentation in TIME 2015:
Themes for presentation (select one)
• Use of technology in the mathematics classroom – Presentations in this strand may include the use of Dynamic Geometry Software, Spreadsheets, Graphics Calculators Computer Algebra Systems. mobile apps, etc for teaching and learning mathematics at various levels of school and college mathematics.
Use of innovative teaching aids - Presentations in this strand may include any innovation which has a positive impact on teaching and learning mathematics at any level, be it primary, upper primary (middle school), secondary, senior secondary or college level.
Mathematics Modelling and Applications in School Mathematics – Presentations in this strand may focus on how modelling and applications of mathematics can be included in the school curriculum to help student appreciate the relevance of mathematics to various subject disciplines and also to solve problems in real life.
Mathematics Laboratory Activities – This strand will focus on specific activities that can be conducted in a mathematics laboratory which either highlights a mathematical concept or some important aspects of a topic of school mathematics.
Mathematics Curriculum and Assessment – This strand will focus on presentations which emphasize the relevance of various topics in the curriculum and on how assessment of learning in these topics may be done through innovative means.

Pls contact Prof.Rana for Registration and Participation details. 

Dr. Inder K. Rana
Emeritus Fellow
Department of Mathematics
Indian Institute of Technology, Powai
Mumbai 400076, India
Phone: 091+022+25767462
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