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05 April, 2014

Upcoming Vedic Math Workshop in Seattle

Upcoming Vedic Math Workshop in Seattle organized by the Seattle Maharashtra Mandal on 20th April 2014 from 1pm to 3pm. The Workshop will be presented by Mrs.Ashvinee Naik, President Vedic Math Forum United States.

About Mrs.Naik: Mrs.Ashvinee Naik is an experienced and credentialed Math teacher from the state of California with a M.A.( Education: designing curriculum) and in M.S. in Math Ed. She is also a certified teacher of Vedic Math.

Mrs. Naik has been teaching high school and middle school Math in the bay area public schools over a decade. Mrs. Naik is also a recipient of two prestigious monetary grants awarded by HEA and STARS. Mrs. Naik takes pride in serving the community by conducting workshops on Vedic Math for students (8-13 years) and parents through community forums and religious organizations.

26 March, 2014

Helping your Child with Maths: Understanding CAPS

This is the first in a series of posts that will share tips on how to help your child with Maths at school. 

Understanding the school curriculum and what is expected of your child is an important first step. For South African schools, the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements or CAPS documents are a useful resource and can be downloaded from the Department of Basic Education's website ( These documents give detailed guidelines on the content covered per subject per term and how learners are assessed.


There are a number of assessments conducted at school, but it is the formal assessment that is used for promotion to the next Grade at the end of year. Formal assessment is made up of School-Based Assessment (SBA) and the End-of Year Examination.

What is School-Based Assessment?

These are tests, assignments, examinations, projects and investigations carried out during the course of the year. The table below shows what percentage of the Final Maths Mark is obtained from SBA and the minimum requirement for Assessment Tasks.

Minimum Requirement for Formal Assessment for Maths

Forms of Assessment
Number of tasks per year
Grade 4-6
Grade 7-9
Grade 10-11
Grade 12

School-Based Assessment (SBA)
End of Year Examination
*Mid-year examination  **Mid-year and Trial Examination

How do you use this information?

Speak to your child’s Maths teacher and ask these and other questions.
  • Does the school follow the minimum assessment requirements above or are there more assessments?
  • When are these assessments conducted?
  • Will there be advance notice given for these tasks so that I can help my child prepare?
  • What happens if my child is ill and is not present for an assessment task?
  • Can you illustrate using the Term 1 Maths results, how the assessments contributed to total mark?
Most importantly, you have to ensure that your child works consistently throughout the year.

15-30 minutes of practice every day, in a relaxed atmosphere, will help your child master the Maths skills and techniques learnt and build confidence.

Happy Practising!

Neshni Naidoo
Director: Vedic Maths Forum South Africa

22 March, 2014

Vedic Maths Forum Australia@Indian Fair

We at The Vedic Maths Forum Australia are going to be there at the Indian Fair organized by the Telegu Association of Perth on Sunday  23rd March 2014 from 10am onwards at the Cannington Exhibition Centre,Perth. Come Join us for a day of Fantastic Indian Food, little Bollywood and of course Vedic Maths.

17 March, 2014

Vedic Maths Forum Australia@ Indian Festival

It is a delight to see Vedic Maths being promoted in Australia at the Indian Festival under the leadership of Mr.Praful Umaretiya. Here are a few snapshots from the event.

The event which was organized by the Indian Community in Perth saw hundreds drop in to our exhibition stall.

Here's Wishing the very Best to Vedic Maths Forum Australia.

13 March, 2014

Pics from The DAV Durgapur Vedic Maths Workshop

12 March, 2014

Video: A simple formula for those who fear numbers

Proud to share this newly released video from The Shift Conference which we blogged about last month in Feb! Feel free to share this and spread the word.Thankyou so much.